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27-05-2020 21:14
Its getting hard for small businesses to afford the local developer and also there is the 24 hours requirement with constant pressure. I have been outsourcing for over 7 years now. Yes there are some drawbacks such as understanding cultural values, holidays etc, but the benefits such as huge work force, cost and 24 hour operations, out weight any of those concerns.
Like I said we have been outsourcing for a while for LAMP stack and we usually get our from sites like remotephpdeveloper I tried upwork as well however the prices have gone up and one thing tha tI really like is $599 for the QA since we do our development with agile so we use QA and Scrum master as well

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28-05-2020 21:19
Guys, it’s impossible to independently develop a website as an effective tool. Here it is necessary to find something individual, interesting to different people, to attract a design, not to ignore any trifle. I think that only a specialist should carry out such tasks, and even better, a gns-it.com [gns-it.com] team of professionals. It seems to me that then such a site will generate income, and there will be no pity for the money spent.
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