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15-04-2020 07:40
Since the launch of the Huawei P40 series, more and more users switched to the latest Huawei P40 / P40 Pro. If you own such an excellent Huawei P40, then you might be having a query about Huawei phone backup. Because we know that no matter how great a phone is, their data can be lost due to various reasons. 
There are many easy ways to do Huawei backup and restore. In this post, I’m going to share you with 3 different ways to back up and restore apps, SMS, contacts, photos, videos, music and more on the Huawei P40 [bit.ly].

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22-04-2020 13:27
Huawei has its own backup function, which is the most common method of Huawei mobile phone backup.
You can turn to another official tool- HiSuite, this software is designed to assist users in better managing their Huawei devices and backup and restoration is one of its functions.
In addition, you can also use a cloud storage(Google backup)to backup your data.Only if you have the account,you can restore the data easily.
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