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02-03-2020 07:05
The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 series including Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are expected to be released on Mar 6th, 2020. With revolutionary 8K video snap, triple-lens camera, 5G network system, intelligent battery, powerful processor, and massive storage, Samsung Galaxy S20 series unveil a whole new world for mobile.
If you plan to order a new Samsung Galaxy S20, then making backups of all critical data stored on your Samsung phone is imperative for safekeeping. Just follow this article to learn how to back up and restore apps, SMS, contacts, photos, videos, music and more on the Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra.
https://www.panfone.com/android/backup-and-restore-samsung-galaxy-s20.html [panfone.com]

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03-03-2020 14:57
The easiest way to backup and restore Samsung is to use professional 3rd party tool,such as MobiKin Assistant for Android,it will connecy your Samsung to PC and then enables you to transfer files between Samsung and PC.And you can also reatore the backed up files from PC to Samsung.https://www.mobikin.com/assistant-for-android/ [mobikin.com]

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13-03-2020 15:09
Interesting idea
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