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29-11-2019 15:44
Minecraft is a hugely popular game with children and players of all ages, but parents need to understand the new Better Together [minecraft.net] version before letting kids play it.
The new version is significant for many reasons, not least because it puts the Minecraft business on a firm footing for future expansions by unifying the game technology across console, desktop and tablet versions.
This is a brave move on Mojang's part. Any substantial change to a video game with an avid following such as this will cause ripples online. That's certainly what were seeing in early reactions to the beta version of the new game. Although to the uniformed eye the new version of Minecraft looks the same as previous versions, there are visual and functional changes that not everyone is keen on. There are also issues around parental settings and access to online servers that families need to be aware of.

The First Cross-Platform Minecraft

There has been long running debates about which version of Minecraft is the best. This is an impossible question to answer as different players, and different families, focus on different aspects of the game.

This will also include the Nintendo Switch, Kindle, VR and iPad versions of the game, but currently the PlayStation remains outside these plans as an agreement on Sony's platform hasn't yet been reached.

Further good news is that if you have an existing digital version of the game you will get the new version of Minecraft for free. This means that if you buy Minecraft in the next month or two you will effectively get two games for the price of one: the original game and the new updated game.

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30-11-2019 18:30
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