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27-11-2019 03:38
Hi, can anyone tell me the best way to transfer SMS messages from iPhone to Huawei P30 please? I'm going around in circles and unsure what will work and what is a scam. Many Thanks. ---- Alan
Message is one of the most commonly used ways for contacting in your daily life. It lets you easily deliver information to anyone, no matter where you are. When you replace your iPhone with a Huawei P30, you definitely don't want to abandon all the text messages that have been with you for years.
Thankfully, there are several ways to transfer text messages from iPhone to Huawei P30 seamlessly. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best tools you can use to transfer SMS from iPhone to Huawei P30.
https://www.panfone.com/iphone/transfer-sms-from-iphone-to-huawei-p30.html [panfone.com]
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