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22-11-2019 11:09
Hello, everyone. I recently found out that my husband had been taken Viagra for some time and I was not very pleased with this... is it because I do not turn him on or because he just does not like to have sex with me? Has anyone had a similar situation? By the way, there is also female Viagra lady era [lady-era.net], has anyone heard of it? I want to try one day, is it worth it?

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20-12-2019 16:09
You have not to focus on the fact that your husband takes viagra, may be he has problem with erection and doesn`t want to say to you. And he also wants to give you pleasure, so he is taking it. About women Viagra I have never heard, I think it is a myth. You can suggest your husband to use cialis to, show him this useful page about cialis effects [melbournekamagra.com].
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