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10-11-2019 08:39
Hover over the Mail & Ship top menu tab, and select Look Up a ZIP Code. Enter your address (with apartment number, if any), hit Find, and your full address with ZIP+4 will display.
Take a close look at your address in the USPS standardized format, with all capital letters, abbreviated street directionals (W for West) and street designations (AVE for Avenue and BLVD for Boulevard), and no punctuation marks.
In fact, copy and paste it somewhere so you can remember it. This is the address format you always want to print on every envelope in HELVETICA 12 pt. type, as it helps the post office read it during sorting to deliver mail faster and more accurately.
Whenever you mail a letter, make it a habit to look up and use your recipient’s standardized address and ZIP+4, and paste it into your address book for future use. It will save you worry and time, and everyone will appreciate seeing your mail arrive much faster.

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10-11-2019 20:24
Hello! What do you usually use for a zip code lookup? I found this https://worldpostalcode.com/ [worldpostalcode.com] site and I think it kinda looks good, is everything correct there? I need to find out my zip code immediately for sending a letter at work, I have never needed it before. if everything is correct here then I’ll take note and will use it further.
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