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Registered: 25-12-2007
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25-12-2007 10:30
helpppp me plzzzzzz
tell me how to download movies to my iPhone. I am not able to figure it out. I tried Itunes but sad its not working here.
thanks in advance

Registered: 18-12-2007
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25-12-2007 10:47
which video format you are using? i think your videos need to be in iPhone format, try Videora, its free and easy to use. note, convert your video in videora it will automatically put the video in movies in iTunes.

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30-09-2018 12:11
Some movies are DRM-encrypted or unauthorized to download. 
I think you can also take the aid of a screen recorder for pc [joyoshare.com] tool to record your needed movies in another practical way.
No morries. Any audios and videos can be grabed in high quality. 
You can as well customize watermarks and trim unwanted sections flexibly.
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