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28-10-2019 09:32
Is your iPhone 11 overheating on iOS 13? Well, you’re not alone. Even after iOS 13 update, there is a lot of feedback about iPhone overheating issue. Honestly, iPhone getting overheating is one of the most common iOS problems, which we often encounter in its daily usage. However, this does not mean we should always ignore iPhone getting hot.
Here, we are going to explain why your iPhone 11 is getting hot and share the solutions to fix new iPhone 11/11 Pro overheating issue on iOS 13.
https://www.panfone.com/data-erase/how-to-fix-iphone-11-overheating-issue-on-ios-13.html [panfone.com]

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14-04-2020 14:27
Thanks a lot. I know an iPhone system recovery for win [joyoshare.com] or mac that can fix the overheating issue on any iOS device. As long as you make sure that such an issue is not caused by hardware faults, you can use it to help you out.
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