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02-09-2019 06:39
Nowadays, WeChat has become one of the most daily-used apps on your iPhone. There should be a lot of chat history that you have sent or received via WeChat on your device. Deleting WeChat messages is a good way to free up WeChat storage as well as iPhone space. Another important reason to delete WeChat chat history on iPhone is for reselling an old iPhone.
Here, we will share three ways to delete WeChat chat history from iPhone [panfone.com].

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09-04-2020 09:15
In fact, ordinary deletions can be recovered. If you want to permanently delete Wechat history to protect you infomation, you can use a professional deletion tool,this software will help you do just that.It is capable of erasing deleted Wechat history fully. Once completing the erasing process, nothing can be recovered. https://www.mobikin.com/eraser-for-ios/ [mobikin.com]
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