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31-07-2019 02:50
You've finally updated your old iPhone to a newer version like iPhone XS, but once you get it, you realize you need to transfer all of your content, including contacts, photos, apps from your old iPhone to the new one. Switching everything from an old phone to a new iPhone may seem daunting, but there are some straightforward steps you can follow to make it easier.
In this article, we will share an effective and safe way to help you copy files from your old iPhone to your new iPhone within minutes.
https://www.panfone.com/iphone/how-to-transfer-from-old-iphone-to-new-iphone-xs-max.html [panfone.com]

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31-07-2019 08:17
There are several way to transfer data from old iphone to new one [mobikin.com],such MobiKin Transfer for Mobile,iTunes,Google account,Gmail,etc.You could learn the detailed information from the article and then choose the suitable way to help you.

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To transfer data from one device to another device,you can't miss phone to phone data transfer program,which is specially designed to help user transfer data between different device.This tool will plug your device into computer and then enables you to transfer data easily.
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