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02-07-2019 09:58
Q: I accidentally deleted some important Voice Memos on my iPhone 8. I thought there would be a Trash to look for the item but I couldn't find it. How can I recover deleted Voice Memos on iPhone? —— Jane

In an iPhone, photos [panfone.com] or videos [panfone.com] get deleted will go to a folder called "Recently Deleted" under Albums in Photos. But it's different for voice memos.
Don't worry! This actually happens to a lot of people and there is a way to remedy the situation. We will show you how to recover deleted iPhone voice memos without backup after mistakenly deletion, iOS upgrade or jailbreak failure.
https://www.panfone.com/data-recovery/how-to-recover-deleted-voice-memos-from-iphone-without-backup.html [panfone.com]

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06-05-2020 10:49
To recover deleted voice memos from iPhone without using backups, you can try Joyoshare iPhone data recovery Mac [joyoshare.com], a tool I am using now. It has ability to not only restore from iTunes and iCloud backups but also recover from iPhone itself. Also, the data scanned from device or backups can be previewed in real time and chosen selectively as you want.

More: recover deleted app data iphone [joyoshare.com]
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