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Registered: 21-12-2007
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21-12-2007 05:46
this phone looks super!! wanted to know whether it supports video or not? confused

Registered: 21-12-2007
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21-12-2007 06:18
no no
8300 curve doesn't have video.. does not matter. if you wanna a good phone which is fast then this one is the best phone i feel.

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26-03-2008 09:27
Want to delete one music application from my Blackberry Curve 8300
I uploaded one music application on my Blackberry Curve 8300. I found it useless for me. weep So I want to delete that application but I don’t know how to perform that operation?

Registered: 22-12-2007
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27-03-2008 04:57
Heyclapping, before uploading any application, always check its efficiency and usefulness.
To delete an unwanted application, go to options, choose advanced options then select applications link. After this, just highlight the application that you want to delete from your phone, click on menu key and press delete option. Then your phone will ask you to restart, choose yes. It is so simple, right?

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27-05-2009 23:01
Just got telenav on my 8300 and absolutley love it.  I first heard about telenav in the NY times and went to their homepage: telenav.com .  $10 a month is a great deal (1st month free), especially since it gives free map, poi, etc updates in real-time!
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