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28-04-2019 07:30
Instagram is a popular social app for both iOS and Android devices. There are many concerned parents out there who want to know what their children are doing on social media and how they are representing themselves there, but protecting children on social media can present many challenges for parents.
We would like to share you easiest way to track and view your child's Instagram account and activity. 
Parents' Ultimate Guide to Track A Child’s Instagram Account and Activity [panspy.com]

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21-09-2019 20:14
Children spend a lot of time on instagram and do everything to gain a lot of subscribers, and sometimes they can get to forbidden pages, so parents themselves can prevent it. A great solution to this problem is to win likes and subscribers to the child’s account, and then the child will not crawl to forbidden accounts to look for ways to get likes. You can buy a wrap for your child’s account here https://www.igautolike.com [igautolike.com] this is a very cool service.
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