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Looking at the performance of the headphones, we can't blindly follow the so-called brands and experts, and we should test it by ourself to know which one is better for us. Here below some other songs for testing,let us have a try.
1st - Madonna-"Die Another Day"
From the album of Madonna's "American Life" , this album has a remarkable electronic music style, especially the "Die Another Day", fans should have some impressions on this song,the metalized treble plus fierce rhythm and bass, coupled with the psychedelic vocals, creates a blurry and decadent color, and recreates her youth in this way. "I guess I'll die another day", Madonna sang so repeatedly, the song is quite shallow, but it really stimulates the senses.
2nd - Sting-A Thousand Years
From Sting "Brand New day", STING's song is a great sound test song, use it to test your earphone's effect is the best choose. Ten seconds before the start of the sound: 1st, 6th, 10th seconds,the three of thunder from far to near, The sound of a similar waterwheel in the right front of the second seconds, 5th seconds is the sound of wind, the sound of the waves in the right front of the 10th seconds, and then the prelude. The bass of this song is very deep, the low frequency may be lower than 45Hz, the 11th to 37th seconds is a continuous bass and drums accompanied by various effects. After 37 seconds, the bass is deep and very warm. It is very good for testing low frequencies, and the general speakers may not be heard.
3rd - Modern Talking - Mrs.Robota
This "Mrs. Robota" is selected from the "Victory" album, recording is excellent, 20-20kHz always maintains a large level, so when you listen to this song, please do not have too much volume, there is a danger of burning. The rhythm of this song is faster, which can make most of the speakers become "Unclear". The good performance should be that the bass rhythm is strong, the intermediate frequency will not be submerged in the low frequency, and the high frequency is bright but not noisy.
4th - Sissel-Weightless
The song is selected from Sissel's "All Good Things," an angel that brings a clear, empty vocal. Sissel is best at the classical soprano, and the album tries to incorporate a lot of pop elements, which is a great success. Her mature singing, coupled with the light modern rhythm, shows a very different kind.
5th-One I Love
The song "One I Love" can be used to test the details of the earphones. From the beginning to 1 minute and 15 seconds, the song is the singing of the female voice, without the interference of the soundtrack. Through the performance of a good earphones, the singer's breath, etc. while singing will be presented in your ear. If the headphones are not good, they will not show up, and the details will be rare.
6th-Hotel California
"Hotel California" is a classic song of the Eagles, which is a live recording in a simulated bar. The main test of this music is the sound field performance of the headphones. After 20 seconds of opening, the applause still sounds. At this time, you can feel whether you have an immersive feeling. At 1 minute and 20 seconds, the sound of music, applause, and cheers sounded at the same time. It is a good place to test the sound field performance of the headphones. You can listen at this point in detail.
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