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21-10-2020 11:55
Was looking to get a D750 + lens for my upgrade from the D3200 but that would be way out of my budget even when buying used. Right now I'm considering a D600 + lens since I can get that probably around 1000USD or a little more. I am aware of the sensor problems with the D600 but the place that I'm buying from is quite reputable and has a 2 week warranty on the camera. In addition, going to Nikon for help isn't too far away for me as well. (Of course I'd hope that I don't run into any problems)0 is very bad)
Autofocus motor (lack of it in the D3200)
Upgrading to a FX camera since I'm not really invested in DX lenses yet and spending money on another DX then to a FF would be kind of a waste
Thanks for the advice in advance!
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