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26-02-2008 05:47
Hey all,
I am enjoying my N95 8GB. I asked my friends about the car and foot navigation of this phone, but nobody was able to give me a perfect description. confused So I want to know more about car and foot navigation from you. Waiting for your reply…..

Registered: 13-02-2008
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27-02-2008 04:19
I will advice you to use car navigation. It is easy and more convenient than foot navigation.

Registered: 16-01-2008
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04-03-2008 05:57
Can anybody post here the differences between the car and foot navigation?

Registered: 20-01-2008
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05-03-2008 04:22
As per my knowledge, you don’t get a voice support while using foot navigation option. Better you use the car navigation for hassle free going.
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