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06-10-2018 07:23
hp elitebook 840 laptop used +91-9799228222,+91-9501530813IN JALANDHAR WEST RAM SGHPUR MARRI HARNIAN
fresh laptop

processor - i5

ram - 4 gb ram ddr4

laptop - elitebook 840

hard disk - 500 gb 

contact - 9799228222

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12-08-2019 23:42
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09-12-2019 15:47
Hey man. Can you tell me please if it's possible to wear a leather cover on this laptop ? I have found a very nice leather cover for it on https://olpr.com [olpr.com], but I am afraid that it won't match. How do you think ? It's very important for me, because I am a big fan of leather accessories

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18-12-2019 17:34
Hey, friend, where you were before? Now I've already bought a laptop, but I won't use it for games for sure as I'm a college student and now I'm learning, so I decided to chose the laptop properly according to the needs of an college student. I bought it after reading an article about laptops for studying [technoxy.com]. I was searching a good laptop for a long time and I found an awesome example of notebook that suits me a lot - it's ASUS ZenBook UX550VE-XB71T

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27-04-2020 11:09
Laptop is the need of every person nowadays. If you are a freelancer then a laptop is a must thing which I get australia assignment help [aussiessay.com] to manage the task. A used laptop is available on the website. If anyone can buy then have a look at it.
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