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29-06-2020 07:58
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Since Spotify app is available for all iOS phones, including iPhone X series, you can easily listening to Spotify music on your iPhone device. But you can only listen to the songs from Spotify in Shuffle mode and the quality is low. Moreover, you need to make your phone connecting internet network at all time.
So, if you want to import Spotify music to iPhone X for playing without restriction, you're strongly suggested to try Tunelf Music Converter for Spotify [tunelf.com] to download Spotify to MP3 with high quality and save them onto your computer. After that, simply use iTunes to transfer all Spotify tracks to your iPhone. You can then easily listen to them offline wihtout any restriction.

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08-09-2020 03:51
I enjoy listening to music and like downloading it from streaming sites. However, not every site offers a quick Download option to download what I want. In this case, I use my best Mac screen recorder [joyoshare.com] to record and capture a nice song for my personal usage and offline playback. Luckily, it gives me a high-quality output and has no limit on recording time.
BTW, I got a free license for such popular multimedia recorder from a recent back-to-school event in Joyoshare here: https://www.joyoshare.com/special/2020-summer/ [joyoshare.com]
If you just in a need of it, you can simply share and get a free one soon.
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