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As one of most important parts in our life, contacts link our life and our friends', our family members', even co-workers'. Now, you are switching to a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a great management to contacts should not be ignored from now on if you've never noticed when using your old phone. Follow this article to learn a simple way to create, edit, delete, backup, restore and deduplicate contacts on our new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for a better life.
Part 1. Add New Contacts [syncios.com]
[syncios.com]Part 2. Edit Contacts [syncios.com]
[syncios.com]Part 3. Delete Contacts [syncios.com]
[syncios.com]Part 4. Backup Contacts [syncios.com]
[syncios.com]Part 5. Recover Contacts [syncios.com]
[syncios.com]Part 6. De-duplicate Contacts [syncios.com]

[syncios.com]Syncios Mobile Manager [syncios.com], is a professional and powerful phone manager in adding new, editing, deleting, backing up and restoring phone contacts. Simply download this handy tool to your computer from below. Then start this program and connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to computer. Let's check all the detailed steps to manage Samsung Galaxy Note 9 contacts.
Note: In order to be detected by Syncios, you should turn on the USB debugging mode [syncios.com] on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before connecting it to PC. And check the phone screen in case any pop-up message appears when connecting.
Win Version
Part 1. Add New Contacts
After connecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Syncios properly. Five contents will be displayed on the left panel: Apps, Contacts, SMS, Media, Photos. For managing contacts, navigate to Contacts. To create a new contacts, just click on +New button. You're able to create portrait, phone number, email, main page, address, date, IM, note of a contact.

Part 2. Edit Contacts
Click on any contact, you will find that its detailed information is displayed on the right panel. Tap on the Edit button and change the information of the selected contact. You are allowed to edit portrait, phone number, email, main page, address, date, IM, note of contacts. Multiple information editing helps you to improve contacts quickly.

Part 3. Delete Contacts
Contacts need to be updated from time to time. Many contacts may be outdated or useless now. Simply select these contacts and click on Delete button to clean up your contacts. These contacts will be removed from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 quickly and you can identify every contact with a clear preview.

Part 4. Backup Contacts
Making a backup of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 contacts will remove your worries about losing contacts accidentally. Select your desired contacts or tick off Name to select all contacts at once and click on Backup button. Next, find a proper backup location to save contacts on computer. And don't move the backup to other place in case Syncios could note detect it when restoring.

Part 5. Recover Contacts
In case of losing contacts accidentally, we've backed up contacts to computer. But how do we do when we need to restore them? Simply, click on Recover button and Syncios will detect its previous backup(s) automatically. Choose one backup your need and then restore it to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Part 6. De-duplicate Contacts
After restoring contacts to your Note 9, you may find there are some duplicated contacts. And you want to delete or manage them quickly. Thus, you should find the button De-duplicate and click on it. You are able to choose to de-duplicate contacts in three ways, Name Matched, Phone Matched or Exactly Matched. For instance, all of the contacts of the same name will be listed in group below after choosing Name Matched. You can choose them and click on Merge Selected to de-duplicate contacts.

Syncios Mobile Manager [syncios.com] to manage more contents of your phone.

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To Manage Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the easy and safe way is using Coolmuster Android Assistant [coolmuster.com]. With its help, you can import contacts from computer, import contacts from Outlook, export contacts to Outlook, backup contacts, add new contacts, delete useless contacts, edit exsiting contacts and unduplicate contacts on computer conveniently.

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Samsung backup have can help you make it.With it, you can:
  • - Backup everything from Android to PC or Mac;
  • - Import/export, add, delete or edit Android messages and other files;
  • - Re-send, forward, delete and copy Android SMS on computer;
  • - 1-Click backup & restore feature.
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