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30-07-2018 11:37
There is an S Pen in the video that resembles a metallic yellow color. It should be revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note9 [comparebox.pk] is the color that will be released next. At the end of the video, the specific time of "August 9, 2018" appeared, which is believed to be the date of the release of Note9. Of course, only these are not enough. On June 30th, Russian technology blogger Eldar Murtazin posted a Galaxy Note9 “Getting Started Experience” on the Mobile Review of the website. The article has already exposed some important parameters of the Galaxy Note9 and analyzed the price and positioning issues. As can be seen from the styling photos published by Eldar Murtazin, the design of the Galaxy Note9 is not much different than before. The square body design and the component layout of the back are basically the same as Note8. Previous imaginary map, this generation of Note still has no screen fingerprint.
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