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05-07-2008 10:18
I got unlock code for Tetris on my D900. That code was a text with the 6-digit code number. It was required to unlock the demo and then I got the full Tetris game on my phone.
I paid £4.50 for it. ;-( Can I use this code for anyone else???

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31-07-2020 15:31
Use that place, that's what I use on my samsung. Just the jar should be fine.
There is a separate way that includes unlocking the java test menu on your phone. This information is public for some of the older samsungs, but it's really a pain when you can just toss it on the net somewhere and download it. People that have no internet access at all have to go the java unlock menu method. You can search for the d900 tutorial to see what it involves.
Have you tried putting the jad and jar on the phone and trying it that way? Someone mentioned that you can install files on the u600 that way. You might get that way to work on the f700. If not, then just toss it on that site and download it. Really only takes a few seconds and pretty easy.
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