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11-06-2018 09:22
Question: Which gift will you choose for father's Day?

I do not know of something special he want or need, but I know him likes music, so I want to choose a small bluetooth speaker for my father. Do you know Iotton bluetooth speaker?

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13-02-2021 16:01
Honestly, I have never heard about it before. I need to choose a gift for my brother as well. Still thinking about my choice... As for me, I like to make more practical gifts such as socks and other details of the outfit. I enjoy online shopping. I choose the item and then patiently wait for it to arrive. It's something like a game for me. Now I want to boast a little. I have found a great site while I was reading Reddit a few weeks ago. Have you ever heard of https://myfacesocks.com [myfacesocks.com]this site? You can order socks with your face displayed on them. I think it's a really original approach to making gifts.
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