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Registered: 10-01-2008
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10-01-2008 06:29
What is funda of this Dual sim D880 yar?
I can receive calls but can’t make calls from both sims. Is it phone bug or any other method to use it?
Please help me asap...

Registered: 10-01-2008
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10-01-2008 07:16
switch off your phone
remove the SIM and insert them again
it will work ;-)

Registered: 02-07-2009
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17-07-2009 11:00
this is just an information for all mobile users which,  a company i found last week where unlock guide [unlock-zone.com] available..in future anybody really need assistance then reach the company.

Registered: 07-10-2011
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07-10-2011 10:57
thank you jo....

Registered: 24-07-2017
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24-07-2017 06:21
Cant install a https://mobile-phone-tracker.org/ [mobile-phone-tracker.org] call recorder on d880, can u help me?
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