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24-10-2016 08:34
Deleting or factory resetting can not erase the data on your Samsung mobiles completely. So when you want to resell or give away your old Samsung, you should erase all the data. But don't worry, MobileTrans can help to delete all personal data on Samsung permanently and keep the data safety.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMrpnppbNrs [youtube.com]
Works with any Samsung Mobiles:
Galaxy S: S6, S5/S5 mini, S4/S4 mini, S3;
Galaxy Note: Note 4, Note Edge, Note 3;
All other phones: Galaxy A7, A5, J7, J3, E5, etc.

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08-02-2017 10:20
Samsung Data Erase [android-data-eraser.com] aims to help all users erase Samsung data without restoration. With it, you can easily wipe off files from Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3, and the erased data won't be able to be recovered by any recovery tool. It's 100% safe and effective. In addition, this program can permanently remove everything on your Samsung phone, including, contacts, text messages, call history, apps, photos, videos, accounts info, passwords, and so on.

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12-09-2018 07:02
Factory reset is a built-in feature of the Samsung Phone that erases all data on your Samsung phone and restores them to their factory state. Many users choose to reset their devices to factory settings to protect their phone data from being leaked when they are facing a phone freeze, running slow or planning to sell or donate this device. Before restoring the phone to factory settings, we recommend that you back up your Samsung data, remove the SIM card and microSD card, and log out of all service accounts.
Step 1. Turn on your Samsung phone and go to the "Settings" app.
Step 2. Click on the Backup and reset.
Step 3. Find and tap the option of "Factory data rese [mobikin.com]t" and then click "Reset phone" to confirm the process.

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19-09-2018 03:41
Feel annoyed to delete Samsung files manually one by one? Luckily, you can erase everything on your Samsung phone with just one click now, as long as you have this professional Android Data Eraser [samsung-messages-backup.com]. It allows you to remove overall file types, such as contacts, messages, videos, photos, audio files, notes, calendars, emails, account information, passwords, call history, apps and many more from Samsung phone in one click.
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