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04-02-2008 11:59
I have downloaded 1.1.3 update for my iPhone since then I am facing dropping of calls very frequently. is there any bug in the UPDATE? any solution on it?

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05-02-2008 09:39
oh god, I have experienced this with 1.1.2. What could be the problem?
is their any fix available for this?
Someone from Apple company needs to look into this urgently.

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01-02-2017 07:57
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24-07-2020 09:14
Many Apple users also have repported that they may encounter the same problem with you after updating the iOS system. Here are some solutions you can follow to fix your trouble.
Tip 1. Check your account status
Tip 2. Turn off Airplane mode in your phone
Tip 3. Correct Date&Time on your iPhone
Tip 4. Dial '*#31#'
Tip 5. Turn on Caller ID
Tip 6. Update your Carrier Settings
Tip 7. Update iOS system
Tip 8. Use an iOS Recovery tool [tuneskit.com]
You can try to use the TunesKit iOS System Recovery software which can help you effectively fix more than 50+ iOS issues without any data loss and the complicated operation of backing up. It can also fix iPhone echo problems [tuneskit.com], iPhone voicemail not working [tuneskit.com], stuck on the white Apple logo.

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24-08-2020 03:51
iPhone keeps dropping calls after updating? Try the following instructions:
1. Check iPhone signal and SIM card. Chances are that iPhone dropping calls consistently results from poor signal or damaged SIM card;
2. Restart the iPhone. Update bugs can be fixed by simple restart;
3. Turn off the iPhone when going to bed. That iPhone operates with a full cache memory sometimes causes such an issue;
4. Close background apps. Closing down as many nonessential apps as you can is capable of making your iPhone handle calls without dropping them;
5. Reset network settings;
6. Check for any carrier settings updates;
7. Try Joyoshare UltFix iPhone system recovery [joyoshare.com]. There are times when iPhone dropping calls is caused by iPhone software failures. In this case, use a professional tool can repair the issue without any data loss.
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