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24-12-2007 12:07
Hey guyz,
here you can find huge collection of cheat codes for your PLay Station games!!!
Enjoy!!! applause


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13-02-2008 11:36
wow!! thx Chitterz. smile

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25-05-2020 04:34
Currently you don't need the code, just download lucky patcher [apkrapido.com] to modify the parameters in the game. Lucky patcher to use is easy and fast

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09-08-2020 17:06
Yes, thank you very much, I think for many it will be really relevant, of course only for those who have a game console. Personally, I'm not a big fan of such entertainment, I like to play on my computer the old fashioned way, especially since I recently found syndicate casino AUS 66 free spins [syndicate.casino]. I will now play for free for fun. And you can do this indefinitely, fortunately :)
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