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20-06-2016 07:43
Most of people think that all the data can be erased completed from iPhone after factory reset. Actually, the erased data can be recovered with recovery apps.
To protect your privacy, you need Dr.Fone for iOS. It removes your personal information permanently. Nothing can be found after removing even with recovery apps.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUs0fT7PlPo [youtube.com]

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30-08-2016 10:28
 It is wise of you if you have been aware of the importance of deleting iPhone data before selling [wipe-iphone.com], recycling or giving it to any one. Here this iPhone Data Eraser [wipe-iphone.com] is my first recommendation. By operating it, you can choose the security level to delete data from iPhone according to your own needs.

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24-10-2016 07:39
Clicking "Erase All content and Settings",you can delete some data from iPhone with a simple deletion. And you can use Coolmuster iOS Data Eraser [coolmuster.com] to erase all files from iPhone permanently. You can erase file types, such as video, photo, text messages, music, contacts, reminder, note, calendar, apps, Apple ID account and more .
How to wipe text messages from iPhone permanenetly [coolmuster.com]

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14-01-2017 09:34
Want to wipe your old iPhone data before you sell it, the iPhone data eraser [iphone-data-recovery.com] tool can help you, see the detail: how to delete iPhone data before selling [iphone-data-recovery.com].
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