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<!-->It has been a great quarter for smartphone fanatics with the
launch of numerous sought-out phones in 2016. Sifting through the recent launches,
I decided to freeze on two phones which were within my budget range – The Samsung
Galaxy J7 (2016) and the Le 1s Eco. I
decided to compare the phones purely on the basis of their tech specs since the
Le 1s Eco is yet to be sold in the market (the Flipkart flash sale launch date
is mentioned as May 12, 2016).
Beginning with the processors, the Le 1s Eco has a Helio X10
1.8Ghz- True Octa Core which is a high-end chipset whereas the Samsung Galaxy
J7 – 6 possesses a 1.6 GHz + S5E7870 (Exynos 7870), Octa Core, a mid-range
chipset. In terms of memory, the Le 1s Eco offers a significantly higher 3GB
RAM and 32GB ROM as opposed to its competitor’s 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM offering.

Coming to the display, Le 1s Eco’s 5.5" In-cell FHD
trumps the Samsung J7 - 6’s 5.5" sAMOLED HD Display by virtue of its higher
resolution. Both phones have comparable cameras, with a 13 MP ISCOCELL on Le 1s
Eco while the Samsung Galaxy J7 - 6 has a 13 MP camera.

In the looks and sturdiness department, the Le 1s Eco scores
again with its premium full-metal unibody against the Samsung phone’s metal frame
and plastic body.

Last but not least, the competition is most apparent in the
pricing department where the Le 1s Eco costs almost 6,000 Rs. lesser than the
Galaxy J7 - 6. It’s no big surprise that Le 1s Eco offers not only superior
specs but far more value for money!



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