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29-04-2016 03:18
Although there are many ways to transfer files between two smartphones, few of them transfer all the content at one time, especially between different operation systems.
MobileTrans is designed for those who are looking for an easy way to transfer all the contacts, messages, photos and more directly between two smartphones like iPhone to LG G5.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR9OqLsS_8o [youtube.com]

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19-07-2016 11:28
Here i 'd like to suggest a tool,
which supports data transfer on pc, you can select the data you need,
and you can see them clearly, have a look at this phone transfer [mobikin.com]  tool, you can also transfer other data wit it,
Transfer data from iphone to android [mobikin.com]

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10-08-2016 10:07
You must be pretty excited when you finally got the newest LG G5 phone you have long dreamt of. While marveling at the 5.3-inch QHD display with 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution, 554ppi that offers uni-body design or at the feature that you can get Quick Charge 3.0 allowing you to charge from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes, have you ever considered the important files saved on your old iPhone such as contacts? How will deal with these files?
Actually, you can transfer all important files from your old iPhone to the newest LG G5 phone. Don't know how to do it? Since such files like contacts, SMS saved in the internal memory or SIM card, you can reach them without a professional tool, let alone getting them transferred. And that's what Mobile Phone Transfer can do for you. With this software, you are able to share all files between iPhone and LG G5 within simple clicks. As a standalone software, it allows you to directly transfer data from one phone to another without relying on other programs. Also, this almighty software is able to support various files, including contacts, messages, music songs, videos, apps and etc. More importantly, whether you are an Android user, or iOS user, or Symbian user, this software can always help you sync files between two devices, no matter they are of the same operating systems or different.
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28-02-2017 02:42
Samsung Transfer is a software which makes transfer data efficient and easy. It is a professional and secure software. Samsung Transfer [samsung-messages-backup.com] can meet the needs of the transfer data in different systems. It can effectively and completely transfer data from iPhone to android

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01-03-2017 10:04
Want to Transfer All Contents from iPhone to LG G5 [androidtoiphonetransfer.com] Directly? Please don't worry, we can easily do that by using mobile phone transfer tool. Firstly, connect them to computer via USB cable, then you can directly transfer data between them.
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