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25-03-2016 14:38
First I though it’s like a usual boring phone.. But later I
got super surprised Lava is getting better each day.. Lava V5 is the proof. It
has a nice display, good audio output, a decent camera unit, and possibly the
best performance in terms of lightweight usage that any smartphone within the
sub-11k budget segment has to offer. The only place where it misses out is the
below-par gaming performance. If your priority is for a smoothly-functioning
Android smartphone which will see you through the day’s essentials without
breaking a sweat and saving some battery too, the Lava V5 is your phone.

Just one thing why don’t lava starts using finger sensing on
its phone? Means it is offering some great smartphones which can fit every
budget..Lava should consider this.

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29-03-2016 06:47
One thing is lava going good I accept but still they need improvements I didn't seen v5 but my friend is having lava I don't know model name it is like iphone 4 All are good nice finishing hardware also good but display is low and camera also not that much good, But however when consodering budget it's a good one

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02-04-2016 09:12
I am using an Android phone which has been recently launched and known to be SIAM 7x having unique features and a great battery life.
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