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I was really waiting for to review Redmi Note 3 since the launch event where Xiaomi created a lot of hype. And even the pricing was phenomenal but let’s check whether everything on paper is really true in real life or not. Let’s talk about the good things first.

What’s good about Redmi Note 3:

1)Performance: Redmi note 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 650 chipset, which is very powerful and we didn’t experience any lag in daily tasks. Even though it surpasses Antutu benchmark scores of Snapdragon 810, it is not as fast, not that great. Still for a price of 11999, the chipset and the performance that we are getting is commendable.

2)Battery: Battery is one of the best parts about Redmi Note 3. With a huge 4000 mAh battery, we got 1.5 days of usage with average use and with minimal use, we are sure that it will definitely last 2 days. For a heavy user like me, it managed to survive a whole day. 

Are you still looking for pros? Sorry, all the pros end here.
Unfortunately, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has more cons than pros, in almost all aspects except these two. So, Let’s figure out what it is all about. 

What’s bad about Redmi Note 3:

1)Display: We have seen plenty of 1080P displays with a size of 5.5 inch, like LeEco Le 1s which is awesome. But this panel in the Redmi note 3 looks dull, really dull! The contrast level is very poor and the colour accuracy and vividness are missing. The only good thing is it is sharp, but that doesn’t make it a good display. Simply put, cost cutting is very evident here.

2)Network: We tried almost 5 network carriers with different SIMs, either single or dual, but it was a challenge for us to get a solid signal. Outdoor, we managed to get signal but that too was not that solid and there were interruptions. We updated the latest OTA but even after that we were facing the same issues. We thought that we got some defective piece, so Amazon replaced it within two days in a good manner. But to our surprise, the replaced product we got was made in India and the older one was made in China (weird!). Even after all these hazards, we experienced the same issue with replaced phone also. So it is a hardware defect and it cannot be fixed by software I guess. May be the metal body is preventing signals from being received by the antenna. Beware if you are a business man or a lover who spends a lot of time talking on your phone.

3)Audio Jack: We tried to connect different sets of home theatres and multimedia speakers but all failed. It was not defective as headsets were working perfectly. Both the returned and replaced phones have the same problem. So audiophiles, be very careful before choosing this phone.

4) Camera: 16 MP rear camera is strictly average and mostly an interpolated 13 MP camera. We really suspect that as Xiaomi is not even ready to share the details about the sensor till now. Xiaomi claims it as PDAF, but in all low light situation it focuses on the object very slowly and it is hard to believe it is PDAF. Still we managed to click some good pictures outdoor in bright sunlight. But for all the hype and while considering a 16 MP unit, we are really disappointed. Very bad while considering other 13 MP camera’s that found on other Xiaomi phones.

P.S. Out of the box, it is horrible but after the OTA update, it is average.

5)Build Quality: It is a metal device and it is good to hold. But we have seen many metal devices nowadays even with lesser price tag. While comparing to other metal devices (like LeEco Le 1s) this feels really average. The build quality is okay but it doesn’t give a premium look or feel. Anyone can figure it out that it is a budget handset made in metal by looking or holding. Really disappointed with the look and feel. The only good thing is that it is good to hold, I mean the shape.

6)Fingerprint: Fingerprint is good but slow. Sometimes it can’t even detect sweaty fingers and we had to swipe our fingers in cotton cloth to get the sensor recognised. Somewhat useful, but looks like just added for making something extraordinary in paper not in real life.

So what’s our word on Redmi note 3?

Xiaomi badly needs a win over some companies like LeEco, Lenovo in the 10-12 K price bracket. That made them create a “paper only good smartphone” without proper testing. Yes, it has powerful chipset, excellent battery but that is not enough to give a thumbs up for this device. Almost everything other than these two is bad and Xiaomi needs to concentrate on testing and quality check before releasing one product like this. 

I suggest you to consider this mobile only for gamers, who doesn’t even use phone to call or capture pictures. 99% of people can say no to Redmi Note 3 as it behaves like a cheap product covered in silk wool.

Rating: 5/10

Verdict: Go for some other products at least till Xiaomi resolves these issues.
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