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20-03-2008 05:33
Motorola is soon going to be come out with
a new phone called the ‘MOTO Z9’. The official announcement is yet to be made,
but still all moto fans can view this phone on the site http://www.scribd.com/doc/2298913/MOTO-Z9-Retail-Product-Training-FactSheet [scribd.com].
Here you can view the specifications as well as get to see some good images of
the phone. All of you will get to see this phone on phones.com, as soon as,
Motorola makes an official announcement.
This phone will work on two network
systems, one will be a quad band GSM phone, while the other one will have a
dual band UMTS support. The GSM version will have no 3G but instead will have
GPRS/EDGE support. The phone will initially be available only in United States.

    * Design: Slider
    *Network: GSM 850/1900 Mhz or UMTS 850/1900
    *Display: 2.4-inch, QVGA screen
    *Memory: 45 MB user memory, expandable with a microSD card slot.
    *Camera: 2 MP
    *USB: 2.0
    *GPS: AT&T TeleNav GPS Navigator.

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19-12-2018 11:26
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