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Registered: 26-12-2007
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04-01-2008 03:54
This looks like a mini laptop an internet tablet + phone + computer. I love multi-use gadgets. I am wondering if it can download PDA apps?

Registered: 02-01-2008
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04-01-2008 03:55
plz, try it out if u have the phone with and let me know, i would also like to know the same.. then i can think of buy it..

Registered: 04-01-2008
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04-01-2008 03:57
when i look at the phone specs, i get a feeling whether it has the phone features or not?
is it possible to send and reveive messages?
can we use it as a modem?
can we make video calls using this tablet?

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04-01-2008 04:06
hi sam,

plz have a look here, this will give you an idea about N800.

Screen: High-resolution touch screen (800 x 480 px) 65,536 colors
keyboard: Full screen finger keyboard

SPecs overview:
* Opera 8
* Skype support
* Internet calling with integrated webcamera
* Instant Messaging
* Multi-protocol email client
* Media player
* Stereo speakers and microphone

this is a phone + music player + mini computer

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01-02-2008 19:27
Ywa, it is a PDA and it has Linux inside.
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