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27-05-2014 16:25
HDC Galaxys S5 Lte owns a 5.1inch QHD IPS screen with 960*540(system shows 1920*1080p) pixel display, and MTK6582 Quad Core 1.2Ghz(system shows Exyons 4412 Quad Core 1.2GHz) processor, 1GB RAM(systems shows 2GB), and 4GB storage(system shows 16GB). HDC Galaxy S5 Lte installs Android 4.4 os(Real 4.2.2 os) and supports Gesture Control/ Smart Stay/ Smart Scroll /Hall Function
HDC Galaxys S5 Lte New Function:
1. Float Window Details:
Float Window looks like a buble on you screen, it will
show recent apps when click on it. It is like the assistive touch on

2. Heart Rate Details:
Count the heart beat times when putting your finger above
the SmartSens. The SmartSens is under the rear camera and near the LED
Flash Light.
Read More : http://www.christail.com/collections/c1-cellphone-c2-cellbrand-c3-hdc/products/hdc-galaxys-s5-lte [christail.com]
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