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26-03-2008 07:01
hi friends,
One of my colleagues was telling about the reserve battery feature. He just told me that Nokia phones have that facility. Does anybody know more about it?

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27-03-2008 04:39
I also read somewhere about reserve battery feature. Yet I have never used that feature for my N72 but I have noted down those key-in codes. *3370#.
As per that article, after putting this code, your phone will get restarted with the help of reserve battery and also the battery meter will show 50% increase.

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15-04-2008 08:46
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It means that when the battery meter of your phone goes down, you don’t have charging facility nearby and you are expecting a very important call, just shift your phone on a reserve battery mode and don’t miss anything. Superb…Nokia!

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31-05-2008 07:24
is it for all Nokia fones? and where is feature is located in the phone menu? pls let me know asap!!
thanks in advance

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07-08-2018 07:51
This feature is not available for all mobile phones.
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