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28-10-2013 09:10
I take addictional battery even the signal strengh is full. Is ur currently secondary battery a really cool one? I am considering a new battery as the last oem already died...where is the screen shot?

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14-11-2013 07:21
Extd. battery is essential for me now.

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22-08-2018 04:20
There is some tips that could save the battery life for your reference:
1) Use Low Power Mode
2) Restrict Unimportant Notifications
3) Turn off Wi-fi if You Don't Need It
4) Do not Activate Location Service
5) Lower Screen Brightness
6) Limit Background Refresh for Applications
7) Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.

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06-09-2018 08:27
Actually, increasing battery life for Samsung Phone is not such a difficult thing as you think. To make your device run for a longer time, you only need to adjust some settings of your device like reducing the brightness of screen, disabling wireless network, quitting background software and so on.
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