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23-05-2008 09:04
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waiiiiiiiiiiting badly for software update for my N73. i am not able to use bluetooth bcoz of the new s/w. Very SAD and frustrating too.. why Nokia are so lazy in releasing the updates?

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27-05-2008 11:06
yes, even i am waiting for upgrade. When I asked the service centre to re-load my earlier version, they refused to do that. it is so bad. what kinda service they are offering?

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02-06-2008 12:54
The nokia service desk told me that i shouldn't have upgraded my cellphone to the newest software. They offer my the following "solution": Wait for the next software upgrade for the N73.

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03-06-2008 13:00
Nokia has just released new software version for N73. This version has support for Mobile TV and express mail client. up

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09-06-2008 12:54
One of my friends told me that it also has updated Nokia Maps. Is it true? Otherwise I am happy with previous software version.
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