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22-12-2007 05:05
hi, try the sites and get ringtones of your choice!!
(note: i have received these links by email.. sharing them with you.. i have not tried them yet) smile

http://skert.larrychendesign.com/wap/index.htm [skert.larrychendesign.com]
http://www.todot610.fr.st/ [todot610.fr.st]
http://www.freemobilesite.tk [freemobilesite.tk]
http://www.planetringtone.net/poptonez.asp [planetringtone.net]
http://www.free-polyphonic-ringtones-4u.co.uk [free-polyphonic-ringtones-4u.co.uk]
http://www.mobilemediacentre.com/ [mobilemediacentre.com]
http://www.findmidis.com/ [findmidis.com]
http://www.hamienet.com [hamienet.com]
http://www.gizwic.com/Midis/T/television/ [gizwic.com]
http://freshmidis.mirrorz.com/ [freshmidis.mirrorz.com]
http://bzu.a site/mobile [bzu.a site]
http://boyi.250free.com/ [boyi.250free.com]

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08-12-2010 10:57
It is a nice collections..........

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15-12-2010 12:35
ya you got a nice co;;ection of ringtones.
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