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Registered: 06-04-2010
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17-05-2010 18:42
I am using this phone since a week but i cannot figure out as to how to backspace.
It easier in Nokia yaar
Can anyone help me out please help

Registered: 08-01-2008
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19-05-2010 18:17
Hey there is a C button on your phone just press that, that's for backspace

Registered: 22-12-2009
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21-05-2010 18:28
Why cant people try pressing all the buttons of the phone??? i had done that when i was new to SE and was shifted from Nokia to SE! Anyways there is a C button just press that

Registered: 02-12-2019
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02-12-2019 19:48
Actually I cant help you with your mobile phone, but I know something about essays.
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Registered: 30-06-2020
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01-07-2020 14:44
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