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17-02-2010 06:39
Hi, Many are confused about how exactly a change in OS version affects the user. Just check the below features available on WM 6.5 and check if its of any help. If anyone known more about the two OS feel free to contact me on Phones.com forums.

New Features Available on 6.5

    * Today screen updated in Windows Mobile 6.5
    * Inclusion of Designer Themes
    * Lock screen
    * MSN Widgets
    * NewsBreak Lite by Illium
    * Windows Marketplace for Mobile
    * Conversation View
    * Unified Messaging
    * Nickname cache
    * Reply/Forward indication
    * Adobe Flash Lite plug-in
    * Zoom, pan and scroll
    * Search in address bar
    * Auto complete suggestions
    * Mobile / desktop view
    * Gesture support
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