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04-02-2010 08:26
In the global media and users’ attention, the Apple Launch in San Francisco on January 27th. We had the opportunity to play with an iPad for long enough to have an idea of how it feels to use one and how the iPad looks in the real world. iPad - This is an apple launched another landmark products from 2007 since the iPhone.

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04-02-2010 12:28
I feel iPad is a nice device for the people who love to buy new gadget.

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10-02-2010 10:24
anyways, its nice no doubt but look at the prices Apple is offering..
Wi-Fi  :  $499 (16GB) ,    $599 (32GB) &  $699 ( 64GB)
Wi-Fi + 3G   :  $629 (16GB),     $729 (32GB)    $829 (64GB)
aha... looking at the prices, i will definitely not go in for this device..

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16-02-2010 05:28
aha.. i would not go in for ipad.. better to have 1 gud nokia music phone or some Sony ericsson walkman series phone.. he he..
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