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Registered: 22-12-2007
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22-01-2010 08:40
Any idea about the concept management of the SIM card Menu?? I guess, here it is password protected?

Registered: 19-12-2007
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22-01-2010 08:55
Yes, it is. You are right buddy and thats the best part about it.

Registered: 19-01-2008
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23-01-2010 07:13
Hey don't go for C6112, I guess  the B5722 is much better. Though it does not offer a 3G, atleast the design looks more good as compared to this one.

Registered: 20-12-2007
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25-01-2010 18:26
3 G is missing B5722 in still saying it is better than C6112...i dont think so... Now-a-days 3G is very important and useful feature for network so C6112 is better option.
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