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11-01-2010 08:05
I was going to get the magic but I will wait for the nexus one an see what's up with it though it is rumoured that it will be out in feb..

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12-01-2010 08:57
I wonder why people start comparing something they didn't even see in real. Just wait for some real good reviews of the Nexus One. And I am surely going to do so to see how it supports all Google applications where most of them are pre-installed.

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12-01-2010 09:15
I guess the phone does not support a video call?? Why always something important is missing??

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25-07-2015 10:46
Android One phones and Nexus phones are the only ones in the market with
a guarantee that they will receive all latest OS upgrades from Google directly. This makes them special.
Watch out for latest android one phone launching soon by Lava Mobiles! 
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