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Registered: 21-12-2007
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25-11-2009 10:42
Besides software, services and accessories has anyinfo about Palm handsets? Especially the reviews and specifications??

Registered: 27-12-2007
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25-11-2009 11:13
the official site of Palm US posts only 3 phones, Palm Pixi, Palm Treo pro, and Palm Pre.
Phones.com has included the latest offering by Palm: Palm Pixi..have a look

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26-11-2009 09:39
The compactly designed Palm Pixi is available on Sprint and connects you for website browsing, to attend calls and to make combined messaging.

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26-11-2009 11:44
Hey, its in-built innovative features like multi-layered calendar, GPS and linked contacts make you sure that your data is always securely stored.
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