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30-01-2008 12:25
Moto Q 9h Vodaphone - my father gifted it to me. i am afraid to use it and also the user manual is in italian. how do i get a user guide in English? Also i am not aware of locking and unlocking of the phone. Plz help me!!!

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05-03-2008 07:25
hi Brook,
I think, you have never used such higher end phone before. Stop worrying friend, just start to use your Q 9h, you will come to know about all features step by step.

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06-03-2008 11:10
Hello friends,
If you have any question about your Q 9h, please watch following site.
http://www.motoqwiki.com/Q9h/index.php?title=Getting_Started [motoqwiki.com]
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