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22-09-2009 06:24
How is it possible to customize ur mobile phone inside and out??? Can we really have texts, twitter and photos in one single handset as well as promoted by HTC tattoo???

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22-09-2009 06:35
Yes bunty 
it is very much possible now!!! HTC' tattoo phone is by your side 24/7 as u are well aware that looks do matter...
Here with HTC, it is really possible to do so where u can have chatting, texting, and tweeting as well by means of
your communication widgets and apps right on your front screen.=-O
Also u can stay close with ur peers and companions by sending 4 SMS/hour, 3 emails/day,constant updates over facebook status and can uploads pictures on Flickr.Isnt it amazing man-all in one place!!!beer
Besides this, ur passion for music is also catered in a nice manner here that allows you to organise all your tunes by album, artist or by playlists you create which is a gateway to online collections of you and your friends on Facebook or Flickr. All this mentioned herein has been available just for you by providing dedicated Search button sifts..hi
For more specs of HTC tattoo, just go thorough this: http://www.phones.com/phones/htc/tattoo/
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