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28-06-2008 08:13
Hi guys,
Does the latest iPhone have any Medical software? Somebody told me about it but not in details. So please can anybody provide me an information about it?

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02-07-2008 12:59
Hi sisaw12,
If it is true, it will be an amazing news for me. If Apple people are planning to do so, I will wait for their upcoming phones.

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04-07-2008 11:12
I am using iPhone since 4 months but I never heard anything about medical software.

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05-07-2008 10:27
Hey Guys,
There is a company named DrFirst that provides electronic prescribing and medication reconciliation services. Watch following link.
https://radium.drfirst.com/drfirst_index.jsp [radium.drfirst.com]

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24-07-2020 08:58
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