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02-07-2009 11:16
My baby threw my cell phone in the bucket of water so please help me to fix it as soon as possible.  help
If there is any good tips / steps to dry up a wet cell phone then please let me know.

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03-07-2009 11:12
Following are the few steps to fix a wet cell phone.
- First of all remove the battery so that there will be no power supply to the phone. To avoid the short circuit of the battery please keep it aside from the phone till it is completely dried up.
- Next step is removing the SIM card from the cell phone. Then dry up the SIM card with dry cloth and keep it aside.
- Then use soft towel or paper towel to remove the water as much as possible from the phone. To avoid scratches or further damage please use soft material to dry the phone.
- If still condition is worst and water is not removed completely then use vacuum cleaner but DON’T use the hair dryers as too much heat can also damage your phone.
- One more method to dry the phone is to put near the TV screen or computer screen. They usually give sufficient amount of heat that can help to fix the phone. And then leave for couple of days and also keep battery aside.
- If still it is not working then please contact authorized dealer.
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